Paper should be in the format strictly specified on the conference website. Only the selected papers will get the intimation who will be accepted for publication. Click here to download the paper format  DOWNLOAD 

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Instructions for Oral/Poster Presentations
Welcome and thank you for your contribution to CSCD2015.  

The following instructions will help you design and prepare a perfect presentation.

Oral Presentation

Equipment Provided by the Conference Organizer:

  • Laptop Computer (MS Windows Operating System with MS PowerPoint & Adobe Acrobat Reader )
  • Digital Projectors & Screen

Materials Provided by the Presenters:

  • PowerPoint or PDF files

Duration of each Presentation:

   - Regular Oral Session: 12-15 Minutes of Presentation, 3 Minutes of Q&A

   - Please check the conference agenda to see the time slot which you are presenting.

   - Please arrive at the designed room location 10 minutes before the session begins and report to the session chair.

Poster Presentation

1.The poster board should measure approx. 100 cm high x   80 cm  wide and be made of material that will accept double-sided tape.

2.Posters must be prepared and printed in advance by the authors and should be large enough to be viewed from a distance of 1 meter.

3.Use a Times Roman, Times New Roman font type size between 20 – 25 pt. that can be read easily from a considerable distance. The title should be larger than the rest of the text.

4.Posters should have a label at the top showing the title of the paper, the name(s) of the author(s) and their affiliation(s). The size of the characters f or the title should be at least 2.5 cm high. The posters should be in English only.

5.The abstract should clearly indicate the aim of the poster, its objectives and messages, a brief discussion and a conclusion.

6.The total number of words in the body of the abstract, including references, should not exceed 450.

7.Illustrations, tables and charts should be clear and simple.

8.Authors will be asked to mount their poster in the afternoon of December  23, 2015 and remove it after the last session of the Conference.